Negotiating Challenges

Are you or members of your organization or association experiencing any of the following negotiating challenges?

As a senior executive or manager, have you done what almost everyone else has done in this challenging economy –

canceled training programs, seminars, or meetings, cut costs, eliminated or reduced travel expenses, closed plants, furloughed or laid people off, reduced your overheads, and negotiated more aggressively with suppliers?  After doing all this to save money – are you and your remaining employees any more equipped to effectively manage your sales negotiations, purchasing negotiations, and contract negotiations?

Are you an entrepreneur with limited resources –

who is overwhelmed by having to negotiate without effective negotiating skills with various suppliers and service providers?

Are you a senior executive or manager – perhaps in a sales or purchasing function –

who is growing tired of members of your organization not improving business results and profitability in negotiations with both customers and suppliers? Are they leaving money or value on the table?

Now is the time to help members of your association improve their negotiating skills in their personal, social, or business lives?

Now is the time to offer your members effective negotiating skills training so they can achieve greater success, satisfaction, and outcomes from all their negotiating situations.

Are you tired of your customers and clients negotiating based solely on price?

Do you have the necessary strategies and skills to deal effectively with price-based negotiations? Are you giving away “value” to customers and clients who are not willing to pay for it?

Are you tired of being taken advantage of – or missing out on opportunities in your personal negotiations?

Do you wish you could save money and negotiate better outcomes with family members, neighbours, banks, mortgage companies, repair people, contractors, retailers, cell phone companies, and travel agents, etc.?

Now is the time to do something about it, before it’s too late.