Virtually Hosted Coaching, Training Sessions, Presentations, and Seminars

Improve your results and outcomes in business and life.

We provide tailored virtual negotiating skills training programs, as well as troubleshooting, consulting and coaching expertise. Our results-based solutions help people of all skill and experience levels, who work in any B2B, B2C or B2G industry, to negotiate more effectively.

We can help you and the members of your organization AVOID making costly mistakes when negotiating during these difficult times.

The economic impact of COVID-19 has dramatically changed how sales, business, and personal negotiations are conducted around the world. Are members of your organization or association equipped with the necessary skills and tools to negotiate during a pandemic – as well as in the post-pandemic economy?

People are having to negotiate and re-negotiate with customers, accounts, suppliers, employers, employees, and colleagues in a “virtual environment” – via phone calls, e-mails, and using web-based meeting technologies.

With people working from home due to shutdowns and travel bans, we’re offering tailored services and programs to help people negotiate during a time of crisis.

Tailored Programs and Services Delivered in a Virtual Learning Environment

Troubleshooting and Coaching Zoom Session

Get the expert negotiating troubleshooting, consulting, and coaching expertise you need to negotiate more effectively during these diffcult economic times.

90-Minute OR 2-Hour Zoom Presentation

Get tailored strategies, tactics, and tips in our 90-minute or two-hour negotiating skills training presentation via Zoom.

Half-Day Zoom Seminar

Get tailored strategies, tactics, tips, as well as proven phrases and questioning techniques to help negotiate more effectively. Schedule a half-day (4-hour) negotiating skills training seminar via Zoom.

How to Negotiate Virtually

Negotiating has gone virtual. Learn how to negotiate more effectively using the telephone, web conferencing, e-mail, PDF documents, and proposals/capability presentations.

How to Write and Deliver Proposals

Selling and negotiating is going virtual – learn how to write and deliver effective price- and solution-based proposals, and capablity presentations to customers, accounts, and clients to win more deals.

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