About the Company

negotiatingcoach.com® is an internationally recognized training, coaching, and consulting firm specializing in teaching negotiating skills and the decision-making dynamics that affect negotiation outcomes.  Since 1995, we have been a proven solution provider and the benchmark for providing high return-on-investment negotiation solutions, ranging from our negotiating skills training programs, coaching services, and online courses – to assisting our clients with complex organization-wide negotiation initiatives.

negotiatingcoach.com® provides tailored presentations, seminars, learning workshops, and consulting and coaching solutions to companies, industry, trade, and peer-to-peer associations worldwide.

We use our proprietary, results-based negotiating process and methodology, as well as our proven negotiating strategies, tactics, and supporting tools/templates, to help members of your organization or association improve organizational and personal performance, business results, profitability, and outcomes in all types of negotiations.

negotiatingcoach.com® has helped hundreds of corporate clients develop a common approach to negotiating – an important corporate initiative that is effective, results-based, and capable of providing a sustainable competitive advantage.

We have provided expertise in over 31 countries across diverse industries and have taught over 50,000 people how to negotiate more effectively.

Offering more than 30 years of successful negotiating experience and expertise in sales, marketing, purchasing, supply chain, and consulting – from small businesses to multinational corporations, from personal transactions to multimillion-dollar extended supply agreements and contracts – negotiatingcoach.com® has added hundreds of millions of dollars to its clients’ collective bottom line through effective education, coaching, consulting, and negotiation facilitation.

If you haven’t already heard of negotiatingcoach.com® and Michael E. Sloopka, here’s why:

Most of our corporate clients feel that we provide them with a significant competitive advantage in their negotiations, and many of our clients won’t admit to the fact that they are working with our company. Some of our client relationships and the business improvements we have achieved for them are protected by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements – and we respect our clients’ requirements.