What Our Clients Are Saying

“Within 11 months, negotiatingcoach.com® and Michael E. Sloopka worked closely with all our team members to save our company over $13.6 million in bottom-line profits – without compromising our relationships with any of our key vendors. The process and skills he taught our employees had long-lasting benefits for the individuals and the corporation.”

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“The program worked for each and every member of our team! I highly recommend Michael for your organization if you are looking for a solid, relevant skill-building session that provides usable, real-world tools for a successful sales team”


“The entire team left the session feeling energized and motivated to drive necessary change. I would highly recommend Michael to any sales and/or marketing organization.”


“Our overall members’ survey yielded a score of 9.8 out of 10, marking this as Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Montreal Chapter’s best event over the past several years.”

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“As expected, I noticed an immediate effect on our top line revenue; however, I also quickly identified a greater level of ingenuity in the procurement of our business products and services, which has resulted in increased profitability. I would highly recommend Michael Sloopka and any of his programs.”


Throughout every single moment of the presentation, he provided everyone with a heavy dose of relevant and valuable information. I had not experienced this from any speaker at any other presentation in over 15 years. Michael’s no-holds-barred approach was challenging, engaging, entertaining, completely necessary and poignant.


“Michael Sloopka’s seminars and personal coaching have helped me save our company hundreds of thousands of dollars in our lease negotiations. Michael has the tremendous ability to teach the negotiating process so that anyone can understand it.”

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