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tips and insights® provides members of your organization or association with a proven negotiating process and methodology, as well as with proven strategies, tactics, techniques, scripts, questions, and tips that they can immediately use in all their negotiations.

Our Clients® and Michael E. Sloopka bring a distinctive and unique perspective, key insights, and an in-depth understanding about the important nuances associated with the where, when, and how of negotiating.

The ability to navigate through a negotiation with the proper process and methodology, as well as strategies and tactics, is a powerful attribute for those who learn and apply the negotiating secrets. Imagine the benefits of having an experienced professional negotiator, teacher, and coach – with the necessary expertise – who can teach members of your organization or association how to negotiate more effectively. When it comes to building the right negotiating process, core skills, and competencies necessary to improve business results, profitability, and outcomes, we can help your company align negotiating behaviours with your company’s business goals.

In any economic environment, companies and associations can’t really afford to waste money on trainers or motivational speakers who don’t deliver measurable, tangible, and real-world value to their members. Most negotiating skills training providers or speakers only provide information about negotiating process and methodology – or they only present theoretical information – without providing attendees with the proper context in order to effectively utilize and implement the combination of methodology, strategies, and techniques.

Your company’s problems and negotiating challenges may be unique. Our practice is not to prescribe negotiating training or consulting solutions to address problems and challenges that have not been properly assessed and accurately diagnosed. Therefore, in addition to our offer of a complementary 30-minute consultation with Negotiating Coach® Michael E. Sloopka, a more detailed fee-based situation and needs assessment may be required in order to fully analyze your situation and recommend the most effective solution. This diagnostic approach is both efficient and effective and will assist you in your decision-making process to move forward with® as the right training and consulting firm to help improve organizational performance, business results, profitability, and outcomes.®, its teaching and coaching personnel, and its licensed affiliates believe in and utilize the time-tested results- and decision-based Win-Win approach to teaching negotiating skills to our clients.

There are consultants and companies currently in the negotiating training and coaching business that emulate aspects of various negotiating programs and repackage these components as their own. There are also many theory-based negotiating programs that are available from a variety of professors, institutions, and training companies. Companies also have the choice of sending employees to public seminars and workshops that generally offer “cookie cutter” programs and “half-baked” solutions to attempt to address serious negotiating challenges.

Some training companies and consultants are highly critical of the Win-Win (Reach for Compromise) methodology of teaching negotiating to organizations, associations, and individuals.® teaches a negotiating process and methodology, as well as strategies and tactics, that are based on creating and building the necessary negotiating discipline and practices that are essential in order to avoid starting negotiations with unnecessary compromise.

The misguided perception of some of these negotiating training and consulting firms is clearly based on the assumption that people are taught that the Win-Win methodology is based on starting negotiations with compromise – or with the strategy of giving away money or value at the start of negotiations. There is as much hard evidence of the significant damage that can be done in a negotiation when people are taught to start negotiations with a No opening position.

The Start With No process and methodology can equally be misapplied and misunderstood in the marketplace – just as easily as the Win-Win methodology.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Within 11 months,® and Michael E. Sloopka worked closely with all our team members to save our company over $13.6 million in bottom-line profits – without compromising our relationships with any of our key vendors. The process and skills he taught our employees had long-lasting benefits for the individuals and the corporation.”

“The program worked for each and every member of our team! I highly recommend Michael for your organization if you are looking for a solid, relevant skill-building session that provides usable, real-world tools for a successful sales team”

“The entire team left the session feeling energized and motivated to drive necessary change. I would highly recommend Michael to any sales and/or marketing organization.”

“Our overall members’ survey yielded a score of 9.8 out of 10, marking this as Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Montreal Chapter’s best event over the past several years.”

“As expected, I noticed an immediate effect on our top line revenue; however, I also quickly identified a greater level of ingenuity in the procurement of our business products and services, which has resulted in increased profitability. I would highly recommend Michael Sloopka and any of his programs.”

Throughout every single moment of the presentation, he provided everyone with a heavy dose of relevant and valuable information. I had not experienced this from any speaker at any other presentation in over 15 years. Michael’s no-holds-barred approach was challenging, engaging, entertaining, completely necessary and poignant.

“Michael Sloopka’s Secrets of Power Negotiating seminar and personal coaching have helped me save our company hundreds of thousands of dollars in our lease negotiations. Michael has the tremendous ability to teach the negotiating process so that anyone can understand it.”